Day of the Dead Rockstars

Artist Statement:
I love the idea of bringing the dead and living together in a very unique way. The music of some of my favorite musicians who have passed away has been an awesome inspiration to me and what better way to celebrate their existence.

-Carlos Hernandez

A fine and graphic artist, Carlos Hernandez finds his Day of the Dead Rock Stars work allows him the ability to merge his love of music and his Hispanic culture. When he was younger, Hernandez was fascinated with the paper maché skeletons from Mexico and whimsical depictions of their daily lives. Later he realized that these were images from “Día de los Muertos” memorializing the dead and there achievements while on earth.

“I thought, ‘What a great tradition, man!’ I wanna do that one day,” Hernandez said. After receiving a design degree from Texas Tech University, Carlos Hernandez moved to Houston, Texas from his hometown of good ol’ Lubbock, Texas (Home of Buddy Holly) and pursued work as a graphic artist, while continuing his “art work”. One of his career highlights has been his work with childhood idol and hot rod legend, Ed “Big Daddy”
Roth, on a line of T-shirts. In addition to his work with Roth, Hernandez has also served as Art Director and Artist for various apparel companies. Hernandez has also made a name for himself in the Houston music scene as the original drummer for The Flamin’ Hellcats.


Carlos also offers t-shirts with his prints on them at Sacred Art. Stop by and see them!!

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