Dolan Geiman

Dolan Geiman is a Chicago-based artist working primarily in collage, printmaking, painting, and assemblage. Originally from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Geiman’s work expresses his Southern identity and rural upbringing along with a lifelong appreciation for found objects and salvaged materials. His use of repurpose materials, both with his artwork and his Rescued Clothing fashion line, has garnered national attention from such media sources as ABC News, Time Out, CBS News, Country Home, and Chicago Magazine and online blogs such as Design * Sponge and Treehugger. Geiman’s Art Machine, an interactive art installation which turns everyday street detritus into personalized collages, has appeared at major fundraisers nationwide. The son of a marketing-savvy watercolor artist, Geiman is also known as an advocate for the self-represented artist. Along with his business partner Ali Walsh, Geiman has curated alternative space and mobile art exhibitions, lectured and consulted on 21st century marketing and sales practices of visual artists, and currently maintains a blog and e-newsletter promoting independent designers and artists.

Dolan Geiman is a regular vendor in nationwide fine art fairs. When he’s not in the studio creating work for shows or out scouting for materials in abandoned structures, Geiman is probably teaching a workshop or trying to catch a walleye.

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