Amy Wilmington

Amy Wilmington Wildlife Watercolor Paintings

Animal Insight is an experiment in using my art to express and acknowledge emotions as well as capture moments in time throughout the past year of my life. My training in art therapy has taught me to use my art as a form of emotional expression, self analysis and as a way to relate to others. I have a great love for animals and enjoy exploring their behavior, appreciating their beauty, as well as discovering how humans react and relate to them. I find that identifying with animals and the natural world helps one to feel more grounded and connected to our environment and each other.

Inspired by the book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, my process began by choosing animals that make up my animal totem. These animals represent parts of me and their different meanings relate with my past and to who I am today. I followed up by painting other animals that I connected to and that came to my mind through meditation. After painting I looked up the animal’s meaning and found that they epitomized what was happening in my life. The further that I committed to creating this series the more the concept of spirit animal or animal messenger repeated itself in my conversations and experiences. The journey of creating each painting has awaked my interest of how others connect to certain animals and hearing the insights of what they mean to them. I invite the viewer to choose an animal that they feel drawn to and see if they relate to the insight that they are sending to us.