Anastasia Mak

Anastasia Mak was born and raised in the Ukraine. She moved to the United States on her own at the age of 14. Her parents followed her to the US shortly after. Since then Anastasia has lived in St. Louis, Atlanta, Venice (Italy), and most recently, Chicago. Her international experiences provided her with early appreciation for cultural diversity. Now she constantly strives to expand her knowledge of the word through travel.

Her past explorations, various forms of art, old architecture, as well as curiosity about unfamiliar places influence her work. Anastasia’s biggest indirect influence is international music and jazz, which she always listens to while painting.

Mixing natural and surreal elements with distinguishable buildings, cities, and landscapes, Anastasia developed her own genre: “Organic Contemporary.” Organic refers to the style of her brush strokes – a lot of blending, and soft, curved lines. Her oil paintings are saturated with color and texture, and appear to be breathing. The main subject matter of Anastasia’s works is world destinations – canals of Venice and Amsterdam, peaks of Barcelona, reds of Moscow – painted in a dream-like manner.

Anastasia Mak has a broad group of collectors, ranging from college students to corporate executives. “To me, making art is both challenging and entertaining,” says she. “I enjoy passing great pleasure I feel from creating paintings to those who acquire them. My art exists to fulfill souls and relieve stress. While the actual process of painting is driven by my experiences and imagination, I let the audience find their own life force in my work – be it happy, nostalgic, mysterious, or purely decorative.”

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