Bennett Art

Bennett Art Photography on Wood Panel

Amanda Bennett remembers painting with her grandmother as a child, who used a spatula as her primary tool. However, it wasn’t until years later, staring at the blank walls of her loft in Birmingham, Alabama, that she rediscovered her passion for the process of creation. Though it began as a practical answer to the abject poverty of life after college, this act of thrifty outfitting inspired her to cultivate her own unique style, a place where process demands as much attention as its end result.

As a Huntsville, Alabama native, Bennett moved to Nashville eight years ago where she finally got serious about her art. Her music inspired art gained local attention, as her signature guitars found their homes in local digs such as Fanny’s House of Music on the east side. When Bennett finally decided to release the paces of nine to five living, her art reflected her transformation. She moved through a transcendent few months of abstracts and then awakened one morning from a night of mixed media dreaming.

If you’re wondering where you’ll find Bennett lately, it’s snapping crazy cool shots of local characters and characters around Nashville and beyond, most recently capturing the soul and local flavor of the Mississippi Delta and New Orleans. Her latest series demonstrates her ever-evolving and rare perspective, a photographic journey of tales untold in the way Deep South. She has taken two things she loves, acrylic mediums and photography, and transformed them in to a funk style mash up on plywood for your viewing pleasure.

However, Bennett is never too far from her grandmother’s easel, creating art inspired by the technique and the soul of her teacher.