BroadStreet Jewelry

Broad Street Jewelry

Inspired by antiquity, Broad Street transforms folklore into adornment, embracing a unique spirit within each piece of jewelry. Broad Street is a collection of jewelry based on intention and transformation. The collection is a rendition of the manipulation of materials and juxtaposition of organic elements against vintage components. Each piece of jewelry is hand-crafted in Chicago.

Broad Street is the artistry of Sara Bradstreet. With a background in Textiles and Art history, the jewelry spectrum of the collection provides the platform for the continued exploration of the drape and manipulation of various materials into adornment. The addition of gemstones and wellness tools adds another dimension to the collection, combining healing properties with intention and lifestyle.

Broad Street was built on the desire to be independent and free. It was built on the need to create, acquire new skills and develop a brand that connects body and spirit with a unique aesthetic.