Elycia Camille

Elycia Camille Handmade Ceramic Art

All of our items are handmade by us, a husband and wife team. We’re Elycia & TJ, of Elycia Camille – Handmade Ceramic Art. This is our full time career, though it hardly feels like work. We absolutely love what we do.

I first discovered the art of ceramics when I was a very young, firing oven bake clay in the household oven and glazing with paints. By no means did I fall solely in love with ceramics at this point. I explored every form of craft and art I could get my hands on. As a child I also fell in love with nature, traveling to southern Illinois yearly for family vacations.

I was able to really jump into both of these interests after moving to Carbondale, Illinois. I graduated from Southern Illinois University with degrees in both Ceramics and Graphic Design. I also received a minor in Art History. My husband graduated with a masters in GIS, specializing in Environmental Studies.

I find our inspiration from the nature all around me. I use a lot of animal, insect and floral imagery in our work. I also tend to work with small, detailed items. I believe the details make all the difference. I am amazed by all of the very small textures, patterns and cooperative details that make up the larger beauty of the world around me.

We love working in our small, efficient studio. We enjoy each others company in our 300 square foot space. Often times we work outside enjoy the quiet noise of the nature around us. We enjoy the company of rabbits, birds and squirrels as they venture near by me as if to see what we are doing, and sometimes to taunt our pup. We have animals that regularly visit us while we work. We just recently updated our studio space with heating and cooling. However we do our best to take advantage of the heat from the kiln firings, the windows & doors to cool down and recycling water that we use. We recycle paper and cardboard and reuse shipping supplies from local businesses. We enjoy the challenge of adapting to our small work space and wasting less. We often find ways to build our own tools to help in our process. Like when I was young, I still explore every crafty venue I can get my hands on. I like to call myself an amateur self-sustainer, which involves a lot of creativity.


Geekbot Robot Banks

My name is Frances and I am the arist behind the wonderously amazing robots you see here at GEEKBOTS.

Its been four wonderful years since I’ve opened shop and every year has brought in opportunities for new ideas and new designs. Each order that comes through holds just as much excitement for me as my very first order.

Artists will often tell you to do what you love, work hard and it will not fail you. What I’ve learned in these last few years is that my personal success isn’t determined by the number of sales or praying for the chance to “quit my day job”; rather its in actually taking what I love, investing my time, creativity and imagination into it, and being rewarded with the gift that soon enough that magic will be heading off to brighten someone’s day.

That, my friends, is success for my soul and it plays a major role in the treasured happiness I have with my life.