Choose Your Bliss Candle Company

Choose Your Bliss Soy Candles

Choose Your Bliss is a luxury lifestyle brand based in Chicago — a city full of inspiration and cultural heritage. We are passionate about helping people feel a great sense of warmth in their home, insulated in comfort and surrounded by feelings of bliss and relaxation.

To create this experience, we provide an exclusive line of our luxury candles, all handmade from all-natural soy wax and 100% pure essential oils. The highlight of each fragrance is the cedar wood wick, which provides a soothing crackling sound while it burns. Scented strong from top to bottom, our candles burn clean, last long and burn evenly.

We hope that you will be thrilled by your entire shopping experience, from browsing through the range of fragrances to ordering and then final delivery. The entire experience must be wonderful.

Lady Rene

Lady Rene Printed Flasks

Miranda Rowe is an artist and graphic designer currently living in “Famously Hot”, Columbia, SC. A great departure from her small home town in western, New York. With an excitement for art and design she studied at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh graduating with a bachelor of science degree in graphic design. Miranda has used her talents as a designer to create several products including her line of paint-by-number murals for kids rooms and one-of-a-kind handmade flasks. Visit Miranda’s websites at and

The “Lady Rene” brand defines a woman who is sophisticated, fashionable, loves all things girly and retro.Thank you for visiting my shoppe here on Etsy. I put a lot of time into my products and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. And hopefully find something you just can’t live without!!!…


MadCanvases Photo Collage on Wood Block & Pillows

Mandy creates digital black and white photography collages which are sublimated onto canvas fabric.  She is a self-taught digital artist and uses her own photographic images as a base before manipulating them into an abstract, layered design.  Her pieces focus on the well-known landmarks of the city and the architectural aspects within.

The process of sublimation turns the inks from a liquid directly into a gas when they are heat pressed onto the canvas, where the ink essentially becomes a part of the fabric and allows the texture of the canvas to remain untouched.

Mandy has exhibited her work in art festivals, small galleries and coffee shops throughout Chicago and the suburbs and continues to look for new locations for her next piece.  She has expanded to landmarks across the Midwest and recently took trips to Boston, New York, Washington DC and Nashville to take photographs for future designs.  She also enjoys working with personal photos to create a one of a kind design that makes for an unforgettable gift.

Mandy graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Computer Engineering in 2003.  After moving to a new condo the West Loop in 2008, Mandy was faced with the task of decorating a large blank wall in her living room.  Her husband and she decided that they wanted artwork that represented Chicago and their new neighborhood but was not the standard, big box store version of the Chicago Theater sign.  Mandy ventured out to take pictures of landmarks around the West Loop and upon realizing that many of her photos weren’t the type to blow up for large format printing, she decided to try collaging four or five of the pictures together to digitally create one design and her style was born.

Wildlight / Haulage Road

Wildlight/Haulage Road Upcycled Bags & Hardcover Journals

Haulage Road lies where gravel gives way to nostalgia, to years of memories, to reliving, for a brief moment, everything that once was. When the dust clears, we keep along accompanied only by the things we carry. Formerly greenie bean recycle, which began in 2007, Haulage Road is an independent line of carryables including handcrafted utilitarian tote bags sewed from reclaimed textiles and journals from salvaged books.

I began making tote bags from reclaimed materials in 2007 and utilized my craft as activism, an opportunity to educate others on all things political, beautiful, and life affirming while striving to radically minimize my eco-existence. Today, I pair that practicality with the nostalgia of my rural upbringing, a childhood that was equal parts grit and gravel, wild and free.

I live in Portage Park, a neighborhood on the northwest-side of Chicago, where we work to transform our big, red urban farmhouse into a thoughtful community. A practicing vegetarian and aspiring yoga instructor, I enjoy dabbling in urban homesteading, gathering garden harvest in my skirt, and napping in our sunroom with Killer Queen and Jubilee.

I believe that grasping selflessly and selfishly to each other can shake the world. I aspire to bring renewal to the earth, solitude to my spirit, and peace to humanity through the conscious decisions regarding my daily living. My hope is for your inspiration through my journey toward a family-nurturing home, vegetarian diet, handmade living, and a low-impact environmental existence. Let’s enter into this walk together.


Geekbot Robot Banks

My name is Frances and I am the arist behind the wonderously amazing robots you see here at GEEKBOTS.

Its been four wonderful years since I’ve opened shop and every year has brought in opportunities for new ideas and new designs. Each order that comes through holds just as much excitement for me as my very first order.

Artists will often tell you to do what you love, work hard and it will not fail you. What I’ve learned in these last few years is that my personal success isn’t determined by the number of sales or praying for the chance to “quit my day job”; rather its in actually taking what I love, investing my time, creativity and imagination into it, and being rewarded with the gift that soon enough that magic will be heading off to brighten someone’s day.

That, my friends, is success for my soul and it plays a major role in the treasured happiness I have with my life.