Ink Bomb

Ink Bomb Hand-screened Journals

As a kid I was given a Moleskine as a present and was instantly in awe. I loved everything about this simple little book. The look, the feel, so empty, yet so full of potential. A blank beautiful canvas. It felt less like a journal, and more like an invitation, an invitation to create. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get another one, so for years I hesitated to use it. I eventually became brave enough to make the first mark on that ‘clean slate’. The thoughts, ideas, poems, and drawings poured out of me like water from a broken main. Ever since I’ve not only enjoyed filling up my journals, but I also have had a burning curiosity as to what others do between the covers of their journals; what poetry is written, what doodles are drawn, portraits sketched, problems solved. As I carefully package the Moleskines to send to my customers, I wonder…what will fill these pages?
To provide you with more background allow me to introduce myself; I’m Josh Mondie, entrepreneur, stagehand, investor and the creative soul behind Ink Bomb. As you might’ve guessed, the idea was sparked by a life long appreciation of art and creativity in its various and never-ending forms. I tend to express my creativity through graphic design and print-making, specifically screen prints on Moleskine journals. While I’m content working with the materials of the masters, ie., Van Gogh, Picasso, and Hemingway, in the future I intend to develop a more eco-friendly journal, using all recycled materials. My customers will tell you that my journals are special, they are shown the utmost care from the point of arrival in my hands, to arrival in theirs.  During the printing process, my 19th floor condo is transformed into a full fledged art studio, each room utilized for either graphic design, burning screens, color mixing, printing, cleaning screens, packaging, etc. I do all of the work myself, from concept to delivery. Each print is unique, and individually printed by hand, which means no two journals will ever be the same. Buy confidently, know that you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind piece, soon to be filled with your unique thoughts, drawings and solutions. I hope you enjoy your end of the process as much as I’ve enjoyed my end of it!

Starshaped Press

Starshaped Press Letterpress Stationery & Paper Goods

Since 1999 we’ve stayed true to the original craft of letterpress, disregarding the naysayers that claim antique metal and wood type is too limiting for quality design. As an old fashioned shop with solid presswork and hard working midwestern gumption, we buck popular trends in modern, ‘couture’ printing. We are proudly one of the very few shops in the country working to preserve, promote and print entirely like it’s 1929. We don’t just photograph great type, we use it!

“Printing like it’s 1929 since 1999”


StudioChris Neighborhood Prints

StudioChris creates art that connects people with Chicago neighborhoods.

Chris was born and raised on Chicago’s southwest side, in the Clearing neighborhood. He studied graphic design and advertising at Columbia College in South Loop, and graduated in 1991. For the past 20 years, his day job has been in creative and management roles at a Fortune 500 company where his work has received national and international recognition.

In May 2011 Chris made a creative idea reality by merging his passions for art, architecture, and Chicago to create a series of posters celebrating Chicago’s neighborhoods. Each poster features an iconic image that represents the neighborhood’s uniqueness and history. The posters are screen printed on earth-friendly, recycled paper to give the prints a hand-crafted feel.

StudioChris and his wife are happy to live in Old Irving Park.

Steel Petal Press


Steel Petal Press Letterpress Cards & Prints

Steel Petal Press is a Chicago-based printing and letterpress operation run by me, Shayna Norwood. I’m a professionally trained visual artist with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute. I’ve been letterpress printing since 2004, when I was first introduced to it while earning my degree. As an artist (with a background in Book and Paper Art), I’m drawn to the way text interacts with images to tell a story. With custom letterpress work, we help you tell your story on every wedding invitation, piece of personal stationery, business card and more.

I love the mechanics, machinery, and process of letterpress printing as well as the gorgeous impression each print leaves on a page. Over the years, I’ve developed my craft through working in various letterpress studios and book arts centers across the country, from the San Francisco Center for Book Arts to Women’s Studio Workshop in New York.

In December 2008, I started Steel Petal Press when I decided to design and print my own holiday cards to send to friends and family. Since then, the business has expanded to include custom wedding invitations, business cards, holiday photo cards, and personal stationery.

“Penelope”, a 1960s Chandler & Price Model-N, joined the Steel Petal Press family in the spring of 2011. In the winter of 2012 we welcomed a 1950s Challenge level paper cutter, affectionately known as “Jaws,” into our studio. And most recently we acquired “Sweetie” our Vandercook SP-15. In September of 2012 we moved into our current space in the Lacuna Art Lofts in the Pilsen  neighborhood of Chicago.

My aesthetic as an artist is vivid and expressive, grounded in confident and moving design. But I thrive on working hand-in-hand with clients to craft a look that’s distinctively theirs as well as meaningful to the occasion. Building a narrative with word and image, I hand feed each piece individually through the press making each one ever so slightly different and unique in its own way. I feel so lucky to be able to use my art degree to make a living doing something I love every day—I put that spirit into every design.

Shawn Stucky

Shawn Stucky Prints and Resin Wood Blocks

I was born in McPherson, Kansas, in 1979 and currently live and work in Chicago, Illinois. I received my BFA in Visual Communications from the Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago, in 2003. I’ve shown my work across the United States and throughout Europe, most notably including Aldo Castillo Gallery, Chicago; Ferreira Projects, London; and Sundlaugin (the recording studio of Sigur Rós) in Mosfellsbær Iceland.

I’ve had several works published in magazines and newspapers throughout the U.S., and books in Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands. Commission highlights include Patrón Tequila, Redmoon Theater, and Lollapalooza. I’m also a partner in creating handmade wooden spectacles and am always seeking other opportunities to expand my creative talents.


There are infinite ways to communicate ideas and emotions, and being a visual artist, I have found that I can relate to people through my work more deeply than other of mode of communication. It’s not an attribute that I necessarily sought to discover; rather, spontaneously feeling the urge to create, it seems that art sought me out and thus brought me into the world, becoming something I now uniquely share with many people.

Establishing a link to our unnamed feelings by mining my own various histories, I find that I can tune into a universal thread that connects me to my viewers using the process of destruction and reconstruction, all with the underlying goal of evoking feelings which people intentionally or unintentionally bury in the subconscious. When a successful connection is made – when the image most profoundly resonates with an individual – I find that these buried aspects of the self shake free and surface, iterating a more complete knowledge of ones own humanity. In the process, my own self-awareness has grown immeasurably.

Conversations, dreams, music and the unconscious mind are influences that have become foundational material for me. My endeavors start at a personal level, in a solitude I have come to appreciate as the home of my art, yet I have begun to expand into the community, working with other professional establishments and organizations, building upon ideas via collaboration which enrich the scope of my visual vocabulary and increase its accessibility. The way I envision a room or environment has now become a part of the endless effort to change and create an engaging atmosphere, both internally and externally.

I want to challenge myself to evoke the truths of human spirit while allowing others to transform and become emotionally absorbed within the beauty of unnamed feelings, perhaps eventually to be uncovered and named.