Erin Kroll

I’m mad about art. The materials I choose from can be canvas, linen, panels, found objects, acrylic, spray paint, oil….the list goes on. Each time I work on a piece the painting takes on a whole new life, for example if I were to paint on canvas my painting may have a certain feeling mood to it but if I move to a piece that is on an old wooden sign I find everything I’m feeling changes. The painting just flows from the emotions and the story that is forming in my head – and I just let my mind go. Typically, I like to either go off the actual color of the linen or panel or I like to cover the entire working area in one ground color and go off of that.

I like to make a painting that is hard not to look at: something that catches your eye and screams at you from across the room. It may be the colors shouting at you or an image that is begging you to come over, but regardless, the call is unavoidable. I also like my paintings to appear innocent and childlike but on closer inspection you realize that it’s really not an innocent painting as there is so much more going on.

When I think I’m finished with a piece or when I think I need a bit of time out from the painting I put it off to the side. I then keep looking it over the next few days to see if I feel it really is complete. Do I need to add anything? I can’t recall a time that I have worked on a painting and then put down my brush, oil stick, spray can and said “Aha this is finished”, it just does not quite work out that way for me: I need to live with it for a while and get a feeling that there is nothing else this piece needs.

Ultimately, painting is the most exciting, truthful way to express myself and I can’t imagine life without it.

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