Gemini Studios

I am 28 years old – a Chicago based graphic designer/illustrator. I grew up in Ohio, lived in Denver for a year, and now have found myself in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood for the last three years. A graphic designer by trade, my current work explores my fascination with big graphic artwork, vintage/urban design, and advertising posters. Gemini Studio was founded in 1998 with my twin brother Ryan Fowler. Began as a handmade greeting card company, Gemini Studio Art now encompasses a wide variety of media including graphic design , commercial and art photography, and illustration.

Gemini Studio Art is a new collection of my work that I began to create in January of 2008. Experimenting with my original designs inspired by poster-style artwork created in a vintage textural style, I have created a growing number of pieces ranging from Chicago themes, Cats & Dogs, Typography, Food & Drink, and dozen of other ideas that come about daily!

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