Ink Bomb

Ink Bomb Hand-screened Journals

As a kid I was given a Moleskine as a present and was instantly in awe. I loved everything about this simple little book. The look, the feel, so empty, yet so full of potential. A blank beautiful canvas. It felt less like a journal, and more like an invitation, an invitation to create. I wasn’t sure if I would ever get another one, so for years I hesitated to use it. I eventually became brave enough to make the first mark on that ‘clean slate’. The thoughts, ideas, poems, and drawings poured out of me like water from a broken main. Ever since I’ve not only enjoyed filling up my journals, but I also have had a burning curiosity as to what others do between the covers of their journals; what poetry is written, what doodles are drawn, portraits sketched, problems solved. As I carefully package the Moleskines to send to my customers, I wonder…what will fill these pages?
To provide you with more background allow me to introduce myself; I’m Josh Mondie, entrepreneur, stagehand, investor and the creative soul behind Ink Bomb. As you might’ve guessed, the idea was sparked by a life long appreciation of art and creativity in its various and never-ending forms. I tend to express my creativity through graphic design and print-making, specifically screen prints on Moleskine journals. While I’m content working with the materials of the masters, ie., Van Gogh, Picasso, and Hemingway, in the future I intend to develop a more eco-friendly journal, using all recycled materials. My customers will tell you that my journals are special, they are shown the utmost care from the point of arrival in my hands, to arrival in theirs.  During the printing process, my 19th floor condo is transformed into a full fledged art studio, each room utilized for either graphic design, burning screens, color mixing, printing, cleaning screens, packaging, etc. I do all of the work myself, from concept to delivery. Each print is unique, and individually printed by hand, which means no two journals will ever be the same. Buy confidently, know that you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind piece, soon to be filled with your unique thoughts, drawings and solutions. I hope you enjoy your end of the process as much as I’ve enjoyed my end of it!