Hi, my name is Kenny and I create critters! I grew up in the deep South and spent my childhood creating forts and fishing. I started doodling at a young age. Mostly, epic stickmen battle scenes. It wasn’t to much later that the idea of kudu-lah came about.

The name kudu-lah, is a combination of my last name Kudulis and the nickname “dula” from my Dad. kudu-lah (always lowercased) is a fun tribute to my funky last name and my “Pops”! The ideas behind kudu-lah and it’s critters were born out of many late night subway rides around NYC. In the early morning hours you can see a great deal of creepy, scary things! I take what I see and make it a little more approachable and loveable.

All my critters are inspired by animals and people alike. My critters have such a relatable quality. Most folks who see them say they look like someone they know. I think this is awesome and super fun.

Here at kudu-lah we believe in affordable, fun art. Art that you can snicker at.

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