Ork Posters

My name is Jenny Beorkrem and I am the designer and founder of Ork Posters. Ork Posters was born when I embarked on a search for a Chicago neighborhood map that fit my taste for good design and typography and a simple aesthetic. My hunt came up empty. Trained as a graphic designer and a DIYer at heart, I decided to design a neighborhood map for myself. I worked on it on and off for several months until I finally finished in the spring of 2007. The poster hung on my living room wall for several months before I convinced myself that it might be something other people would like too. I ordered an inaugural print run of 20 and posted them for sale on etsy.com.

I sold a Chicago poster here and there and started work on a website for the new neighborhood map. In early November 2007 orkposters.com was launched, along with a larger print run of 500 Chicago posters and the addition of a Brooklyn design. Less than a month later, primarily thanks to a post by Swiss Miss, the blog wildfire had been lit with talk about these new neighborhood posters and in response, I quickly designed and printed maps for Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston. By mid-December, friends and family were called in to take shifts fulfilling orders out of my dining room turned Ork Headquarters to meet the holiday rush. Following the successful holiday season, I was able to quit my graphic design job and “leave the man behind”. So began Ork Posters!