Rachel Ourada

In my work I make visible the ethereal nature of ideas. The camera as a tool can only reproduce what it is presented with. However, this does not prevent it from being manipulated to present what is going on behind the camera. The process by which my images are created spans three centuries. Imagery is captured using a 20th Century film camera. Photographs are developed using 19th Century processes – Van Dyke and Cyanotype. Finally, the photographs are scanned, digitally manipulated, enlarged, and printed by giclée technique, adding the final touch of modern technology. By combining technical landmarks of photography, the final image is at the same time completely isolated from its source point and is an amalgamation of many points in time. There are hints to time or place, but most images are alienated snapshots of the world fantastic. Some images are staged, others are found. The unifying factor in my work is my appreciation of existence and its intrinsically surreal nature.

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