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Steel Petal Press Letterpress Cards & Prints

Steel Petal Press is a Chicago-based printing and letterpress operation run by me, Shayna Norwood. I’m a professionally trained visual artist with a Bachelor in Fine Arts from San Francisco Art Institute. I’ve been letterpress printing since 2004, when I was first introduced to it while earning my degree. As an artist (with a background in Book and Paper Art), I’m drawn to the way text interacts with images to tell a story. With custom letterpress work, we help you tell your story on every wedding invitation, piece of personal stationery, business card and more.

I love the mechanics, machinery, and process of letterpress printing as well as the gorgeous impression each print leaves on a page. Over the years, I’ve developed my craft through working in various letterpress studios and book arts centers across the country, from the San Francisco Center for Book Arts to Women’s Studio Workshop in New York.

In December 2008, I started Steel Petal Press when I decided to design and print my own holiday cards to send to friends and family. Since then, the business has expanded to include custom wedding invitations, business cards, holiday photo cards, and personal stationery.

“Penelope”, a 1960s Chandler & Price Model-N, joined the Steel Petal Press family in the spring of 2011. In the winter of 2012 we welcomed a 1950s Challenge level paper cutter, affectionately known as “Jaws,” into our studio. And most recently we acquired “Sweetie” our Vandercook SP-15. In September of 2012 we moved into our current space in the Lacuna Art Lofts in the Pilsen  neighborhood of Chicago.

My aesthetic as an artist is vivid and expressive, grounded in confident and moving design. But I thrive on working hand-in-hand with clients to craft a look that’s distinctively theirs as well as meaningful to the occasion. Building a narrative with word and image, I hand feed each piece individually through the press making each one ever so slightly different and unique in its own way. I feel so lucky to be able to use my art degree to make a living doing something I love every day—I put that spirit into every design.